SILAS Conference: Comparisons, Conflicts, and Connections: Ireland and Latin America in the Past, Present, and Future. Trinity College Dublin, April 23rd–26th 2019


DAY 1: Tuesday, April 23rd
*Registration desk opens in the Long Room Hub at 8:15am PROGRAMME
Welcome remarks by Professor Darryl Jones, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Trinity College Dublin PANEL 1 Chair: Justin Harman
Part I (45 mins) “Irish studies in South America. Argentina and Ireland: forging national identities and identifying past/present connections”
María Eugenia Cruset, Universidad Nacional de La Plata / Universidad Católica de la Plata, Argentina, Mick O’Farrel, Ireland, Juan Manuel Rizzo, Universidad de Buenos Aires, AEIS, Argentina, María Graciela Eliggi, Universidad Nacional de la Pampa, AEIS, Argentina
Part II (45 mins) “Irish Studies in Latin America – The Future”
Jackie O´Halloran, Irish Ambassador to Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia, AEIS Honorary President, Justin Harman, Founding member of the Council of AEIS, Paula Ortiz, USAL, Buenos Aires.
COFFEE BREAK PANEL 2 Chair: Edmundo Murray
Cartographies of Memory: Irish women’s stories from Birmingham to Buenos Aires
Sarah O’Brien
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Establishing an Irish Studies field in Cuba: potential, challenges and needs
Giselle González García
Concordia University, Canada / School of Irish Studies
12:00- 1:00
Location: The Buttery, Trinity College Dublin
PANEL 3 Chair: Margaret Brehony
Facing climate change in Cuba, Puerto Rico and Ireland through hurricane culture
Yairen Jerez Columbié
University College Cork, Ireland
Songé St Domingo: island connections, British and Irish legacies
Kate Hodgson
University College Cork, Ireland
Translating the past: reading the work of Frida Kahlo and Lorcan Walshe
Melanie Otto
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 2:30-3:00 COFEE BREAK PANEL 4 Chair: Nuala Finnegan
3:00- 3:30
Translanguaging and the metamorphosis of transnational Mexican youths
Alejandra Núñez Asomoza
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland / Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, Mexico
One may laugh one’s way, but not force one’s way, through Mexico: Irish media coverage of the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games
Stephen Allen
California State University, Bakersfield, US
Perpetual liminality of the Saint Patrick’s Battalion;
Transamerican readings of Patricia Bustamante Cox and Carl Krueger
Douglas M. Glynn
University of Maryland College Park / The Catholic University of America, US
COFFEE BREAK PANEL 5 Chair: Cliona Murphy
Keynote Speaker
Central American-US forced migration: secularization, violence and political subjectivity
Dr. Kathy Powell
National University Ireland Galway, Ireland
Official Conference Launch
Trinity’s Vice Provost for Global Relations, Professor Juliette Hussey
with honorary guests:
Laura Bernal, Ambassador of Argentina in Ireland
Andrés Echeverri, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Colombia in Ireland
Brian Glynn, Department of Foreign Affairs
Miguel Malfavón Andrade, Ambassador of Mexico in Ireland
Jackie O’Halloran, Irish Ambassador to Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay
Ana María Sánchez, Ambassador-Designate of Peru in Ireland
Cristián Streeter, Ambassador of Chile in Ireland
Cultural Event
Coordinated by Sarah O’Brien
Alejandra Pizarnik: An Briathar Soineanta
featuring poetry by Gabriel Rosenstock, Pura López Colomé & Yairen Jerez
Recitations by Viviana Keegan
ISL Interpretation by Lorraine Leeson and Music by Analog On

DAY 2: Wednesday, April 24th

PANEL 1 Chair: Mariela Eliggi
From violence makers to peace builders. Perceptions of armed organisations former members during peace agreement implementation. A comparative case between the FARC and the IRA.
Egoitz Gago
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia
Sinn Feiners’ in the Southern Cone: from the Easter Rising to the Irish Free State
María Eugenia Cruset
Universidad Nacional de La Plata / Universidad Católica de La Plata, AEIS, Argentina
“I hold it a Christian thing […] to hate evil, to hate untruth, to hate oppression, and, hating them, to strive to overthrow them”: Liberation theology and the writings of Patrick Pearse
James Heaney
Carlow College, Ireland
PANEL 2 Chair: Steve Allen
El proceso de integración europeo y las entidades subnacionales en el norte de la isla de Irlanda: un estudio de sus relaciones económicas
Juan Manuel Rizzo
Universidad de Buenos Aires, AEIS, Argentina
Ireland and the Basque Country: nationalisms in contact, 1895-1939
Kyle McCreanor
Concordia University, Canada / School of Irish Studies
Civilisation and barbarism: Irish perspectives on the Guerra Grande (1839-1851)
Tim Fanning
12:30- 1:30
Location: The Buttery, Trinity College Dublin PANEL 3 Chair: Margaret Brehony
Keynote Speaker
The republican utopia: hope and politics in Latin America and Ireland
Dr. Carmen McEvoy
University of the South-Sewanee
COFFEE BREAK PANEL 4 Chair: Sarah O’Brien
A bitter pill for England … and a salutary reminder to it of the genius and energy of Irish leaders
Tony King
National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland
Representations of Irish Catholic childhood in The Southern Cross (Argentina, 1875-1910) Viviana P. Keegan
AEIS, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tradition or integration? Conceiving the museum of the Irish in the Pampas
Edmundo Murray
University of Zurich, Switzerland
PANEL 5 Chair: Nuala Finnegan
Keynote Speaker
Memory and history, rebellion and armed conflict: what the Irish Legion did in Riohacha in 1820, and what it means in 2019
Prof. Matthew Brown
University of Bristol, England
Cultural Event
Chair: Nuala Finnegan
Art between Ireland and Latin America: A Conversation with
Rita Duffy, Silvio Severino and Elis Taves O’Sullivan

DAY 3: Thursday, April 25th

PANEL 1 Chair: Gabriela McEvoy
José Salas Subirat, the extraordinary first Argentine translator of Joyce’s Ulysses
Lucas Petersen
Universidad Nacional de las Artes, Argentina
The Transhuman city: the urban space in Adan Buenosayres and Ulyses
Julieta Abella
Universidad de Buenos Aires, AEIS, Argentina
We are clusters of stories: Identity in the works of Gloria Anzaldúa
Finian O’Shea
Church of Ireland College / Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
COFFEE BREAK PANEL 2 Chair: Sarah O’Brien
Across the divide / Of the Andes: Harry Clifton and South America
Benjamin Keating
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
“It was a matter of language”: resignifying colonization in Cólm Toíbín’s The Story of the Night (1996)
Victor Augusto da Cruz Pacheco
University of São Paulo, Brazil
Translation and the breaking of political silence: unspoken complicities between two island writers
Teresa Caneda
Universidad de Vigo, Spain
(Independent) PANEL 3 Chair: Giselle González García
Encuentros Muralistas: los murales en el norte de Irlanda Vs los murales en Oventik – Chiapas y su compromiso con el conflicto de género.
Eva Cabrejas
University College Cork, Ireland
Tensiones del siglo XX Guerras y migraciones, una comparación cinematográfica entre Colombia e Irlanda.
Jorge Oswaldo Jiménez Beltrán, Melissa Vargas Castro
Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Colombia
Poster presentation: historia crítica de The Southern Cross
Paula Ortiz and María Verónica Repetti
Instituto de Investigación en Lenguas Modernas, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, AEIS, Argentina
Book Launch
La experiencia invisible. Inmigrantes irlandeses en el Perú
Gabriela McEvoy
Launched by Margaret Brehony
Cultural Event
Documentary Film Screening:
Brazil’s Black Genocide
Q&A with Peadar King, following screening
Peadar King is the presenter/producer of the long running RTÉ global affairs series, What in the World.
Location: Niall Room Theatre, Trinity Long Room Hub
Live Music
By Charlie O’Brien, Edmundo Murray and Friends
“The Pampa’s Fairest Child” and other Irish-Argentine and traditional Irish songs.
Closing Remarks by Prof. Jane Ohlmeyer, Director of the Trinity Long Room Hub
Move to the Woolen Mills, 42 Lower Ormond Quay, North city, Dublin 1
Conference Dinner
Location: Woolen Mills (42 Lower Ormond Quay)

DAY 4: Friday, April 26th
Optional Cultural Event
Tour of Dublin

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